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Through reading this, if you didn’t already know, you’ll discover that doing domestic activities relax me. I’m pretty relaxed after today’s lunch creation:

Pasta with yellow beans, spinach and tomatoes

Cook pasta according to package directions. In the meantime, saute 1/4 c. onion in 1 tsp. olive oil. Add in a clove of chopped garlic. Stir in washed beans and add a splash of water or vegetable broth to steam. At this point I also added salt, pepper, and some dried basil. Once the beans are crisp tender, add another splash of liquid if necessary and lay spinach on top to steam. After beans and spinach are cooked to your liking and most of the liquid has evaporated, turn off heat and stir in the halved cherry tomatoes. Toss in cooked and drained pasta, add a tablespoon or so of olive oil, and throw in a little vegan parmesan cheese. Stir to coat and enjoy!


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Be Lost in the Call: From Seattle

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For at least one year I have committed to live in community, practice reconciliation, and live a life more sustainable for the earth and all of its inhabitants. I am in Seattle through the Mennonite Voluntary Service program living with seven other people and working at a food bank. Why would one leave a community that she loves, a secure job and lifestyle, and then put herself three time zones away from most family and friends? That is a good question, and we’ll be exploring that in this blog.

“Be Lost in the Call”- by Rumi

Lord, said David, since you do not need us,
why did you create these two worlds?

Reality replied: O prisoner of time,
I was a secret treasure of kindness and generosity,
and I wished this treasure to be known,
so I created a mirror: its shining face, the heart;
its darkened back, the world;
The back would please you if you’ve never seen the face.

Has anyone ever produced a mirror out of mud and straw?
Yet clean away the mud and straw,
and a mirror might be revealed.

Until the juice ferments a while in the cask,
it isn’t wine. If you wish your heart to be bright,
you must do a little work.

My King addressed the soul of my flesh:
You return just as you left.
Where are the traces of my gifts?

We know that alchemy transforms copper into gold.
This Sun doesn’t want a crown or robe from God’s grace.
He is a hat to a hundred bald men,
a covering for ten who were naked.

Jesus sat humbly on the back of an ass, my child!
How could a zephyr ride an ass?
Spirit, find your way, in seeking lowness like a stream.
Reason, tread the path of selflessness into eternity.

Remember God so much that you are forgotten.
Let the caller and the called disappear;
be lost in the Call.

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