Bargains, Birthdays, Bribes and (B)muffins.

March 7, 2012 at 7:43 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s a sunny day in Seattle, and I started thinking…is God trying to bargain with me? You know, like when you pray, “God I’ll do anything you want if you just give me this one thing.” I think maybe God gave me this sunny day so I would blog again, because I’m always more inspired when it’s sunny. Is that sacrilegious? Probably. Never mind.

In 9 days or less I have to decide whether or not I’m doing a second year of MVS. It’s a pretty big possibility that I will, but this decision is way more difficult than the one I faced a year ago as I applied for the first year. I’ve successfully avoided thinking about it as I spend lovely times with housemates (see photo below), volunteer for free classes at a local Zumba/Nia studio, sing with a folk group from church, and volunteer at the food bank and Ten Thousand Villages. Thinking back on all of these experiences strengthen my desire to stay.

Then I’m reminded that I’m 26 years old. Actually, my housemates just sang “Happy 1/2 birthday to you” in my honor last week. In 6 months, I’m assuming I’ll turn 27. You get the idea. How would a new group of mostly/all 22 years olds coming in to the house feel about that? Who or what has made this age difference such a barrier in my decision making process? My current housemates have certainly been gracious and wonderful. And the question that makes me a little sad if I dwell too long on it…what are other people my age doing?

AH! Stay tuned. You only have to wait 9 days. I don’t have many clues to offer you. Bribes will be accepted. These can include, but are not limited to: full-time dream jobs, all expense paid trips around the world, 100% tuition scholarships to academic institutions, or marriage. Think big, people.

Thanks for reading my rants. Now look at this photo of the life-changing pear cardamom muffin and cup of coffee that I enjoyed at Volunteer Park Cafe with some really lovely people. In case you’re worried about me, those people aren’t pictured.






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