Ahhh, retreat

June 20, 2012 at 5:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Pender Island is probably not the destination most think of when they plan their trip to the San Juans, but it’s where my housemates and I ended up at the end of May for our retreat. We drove to Vancouver to catch our ferry to the island, but first spent some time on Granville Island. Memorable moment: having my plate of Thai noodles dive-bombed by a thieving seagull.

First stop: Granville Island hammock store

Vancouver, B.C.

After arriving on Pender and a wind-y drive through the darkness, we discovered a lovely home waiting for us that had the best back deck with a hot tub and a view. My “routine” involved waking each morning and drinking coffee while alternating between staring at the view, napping, and reading the 3 books I devoured over the course of the week.

This was the view from inside the house, relaxing in the recliner.

Other activities for me included knitting and re-visiting “Planet Earth.” Saturday was our busiest day when we ventured to the Farmer’s Market around lunchtime. Chatting with the locals and listening to a bluegrass band over lunch taught us that the island’s pub was the place to be that night. We also met Maya, a wiener dog that we would run into again at our next stop…Morning Bay Vineyard.

Enjoying a warm afternoon on the lawn.

It was a lovely afternoon listening to live music and wandering through their art show. We learned several more people’s faces that we would see again at the pub that night. Our favorite character ended up being an 86-year old woman who had come out that night for a piece of cake and glass of wine by herself. She ended up joining some hipsters at their table and once the band started playing she got those orthopedic sandals flying around the dance floor and took off her cardigan to reveal some arm tattoos. A local man of questionable sobriety informed us she had only gotten the tattoos 2 years earlier. Cheers to Shirley and a beautiful space to reconnect with myself and housemates.

House love, and jello

After 3 ferry rides the next Tuesday (Pender to Victoria, to Port Angeles, from Bainbridge to Seattle) we arrived home happy to see other housemates, the chickens, and a blossoming garden…but sad to be away from Pender’s laid back beauty.

The first harvest


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