Multiples of 3

July 30, 2012 at 8:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Today’s post is brought to you by the number 3 and its multiples as July 30, 2012 is 30 days before my 27th birthday. Feeling weary for the last couple of weeks, I tried to focus on some fun to get my spirits back up. This resulted in a 30 by 30 list. 30 things to do by the time I turn 30. Cliche, perhaps. But I like lists. And I like sharing with you. Let me know if you want to join me for any of this. It would be way more fun with company.

Jessica’s 30 by 30:

  1. Read or re-read 30 books from this randomly selected list.
  2. Teach a cooking class.
  3. Race 30 K, not all at one time.
  4. Have or be en route to a Master’s degree.
  5. Own a dog.
  6. Contribute 30 original recipes to my blog.
  7. Watch every movie Audrey Hepburn was ever in.
  8. Have zero credit card debt.
  9. Sew a dress.
  10. Perform, solo or in a group, on clarinet again.
  11. Take ballroom dancing lessons.
  12. Buy a nice camera.
  13. Learn how to use my new, nice camera.
  14. Take a road trip more than 3 days long.
  15. Make a quilt.
  16. Sell 30 things from my Etsy shop. It doesn’t exist yet.
  17. Write 30 poems.
  18. Do 30 political actions: vote, call or write legislators, protest!
  19. Donate food or money to UDFB 30 times.
  20. Give 30 homemade gifts.
  21. Send 60 hand written notes. Christmas cards don’t count, but do those too.
  22. Build something from raw materials.
  23. Purchase a subscription to an arts organization.
  24. Sell baked goods to the public.
  25. Stay on or under budget for 3 months in a row.
  26. Donate 30 personal items to charity.
  27. Live on a SNAP budget for 30 days.
  28. Have long fingernails for at least 30 days.
  29. Scrapbook this 30 by 30 experience.
  30. Visit Paris.



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  1. MAZON (@StopHunger) said,

    Thanks for including us on your list!

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